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  • Thermal Design (dual wall construction)

    • Designed to create a cavity between external walls and internal nesting space. 

    • The ventilated air gap creates a thermal buffer for the occupants.

    • Internally stable microclimate limits extreme temperature variations.

    • The cavity vents allow moisture ingress to drain.


  • Quality & Durability

    • Extensively tested in Australian conditions.

  • Safe for wildlife

    • Low VOC, no plastics, glues or formaldehydes.


  • Tree-fixing kit 

  • Landing perch, covered landing perch, anti-myna baffle, entrance tunnel, ladder

  • Entry hole size, shape and location can be adapted to suit targeted species.

  • Custom nest boxes can be quoted based on your specifications.

Cross Section Thermal Haven Nest Box
Thermal Haven Nest Box in tree
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Global Greentag Health Rate
Thermal Haven Nest Box with tree mounting kit
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